Personal safety

Centralizing personal safety information and improving access to emergency services.

Person working on disaster safety equipment.

Emergency location service

We help our first responders get the precise location information they need to provide emergency services, faster.

Video providing an overview of emergency location services.

It’s hard to know where an individual is located when they call an emergency number from a mobile device.

The Android Emergency Location Service provides fast and accurate location for emergency services to use—often providing a location that is 3,000 times more accurate than previous systems used in most countries 1 .


people covered


calls a day

Personal safety app on Pixel

All your critical safety information, consolidated in one central location on your Pixel device.

Add emergency contacts feature.

Medical information and emergency contacts

Google’s personal safety app saves your medical information and enables you to easily notify emergency contacts of your status and whereabouts.

Emergency information for first responders.

Helping first responders

Emergency information stored safely on your phone helps first responders provide the best care possible in the event of an accident.

Help during emergencies

In certain situations, people are unable to verbally communicate during an emergency call.

Emergency dialing feature.

To help, Google’s Phone app enables people to share information about the assistance they require, along with their location, to the emergency operator with just a tap – and without needing to say a word.

Empowering communities with AI-driven predictive modeling and credible, actionable safety information.

Forecasting & alerts

Ensuring effective post-disaster relief and supporting long term recovery and resilience.

Recovery & resilience