Recovery & resilience

Helping communities recover from disasters and build resilience for the future.

Googler with family member after a hurricane in Puerto Rico.

We support nonprofits working on the frontlines of global disaster response by providing funding, innovation, and technical expertise.


Googler working on internet connectivity technology.

Through our support for the Center for Disaster Philanthropy, is able to issue timely, effective employee relief campaigns and grants that deliver funding directly to local nonprofits on the front lines of recovery efforts.


in grants for disaster recovery from 2016 to 2020

Video showcasing Google’s volunteer efforts with Nethope.

Since 2015 has supported NetHope and ITDRC by providing skilled volunteers to help bring back internet connectivity to crisis-affected communities via the Crisis Connectivity program.


hours of volunteer time since 2017

Supporting community resilience grants support local recovery efforts and resiliency programs, as well as pro bono support through programs like the Fellowship, which embeds Google employees like data scientists, communications experts, or engineers full time with nonprofits.


people in 2020 were provided with crisis relief support and recovery resources by grantees.


of grantees are developing new tools to improve the availability of information during a crisis. fellows working with GiveDirectly.

Through our Fellowship program and grants, we support nonprofits leading innovative projects focused on advancing humanitarian efforts across disaster preparedness, response, and resilience.

Video showcasing fellows working with GiveDirectly.

Working with GiveDirectly to provide over $3m in grants for direct cash-transfers to those directly affected by natural disaster.

Team Rubicon volunteers handing out essential supplies.

Supporting Team Rubicon to provide shelter and basic services for those affected by COVID-19 and local natural disasters.

Direct Relief emergency worker.

Direct Relief’s assistance programs are tailored to the particular needs of those suffering the effects of natural or man-made disasters. Recently, issued a grant in support of, a collaborative effort between Direct Relief and Harvard focused on using data to help California’s Department of Public Health better anticipate and respond to medical needs of wildfires.

Encouraging individual safety while improving access to emergency services.

Personal safety

Empowering communities with AI-driven predictive modeling and credible, actionable safety information.

Forecasting & alerts